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Blackless Days… Let’s try to be Bold

I have always loved the practicality of the business-type cell phones. I’m a self-confessed gadget lover… or as my brother likes to call me: a geek. I’ll admit that I fell prey to the Blackberry craze sometime early this year. It was great for the first few months. Facebook, twitter and email notifications sent directly to my phone – Heaven! (cue angels singing). It’s much more convenient for a girl who has other things to do and needs everything on one device or, as my brother would say, a girl who is too lazy πŸ˜‰

The problem, however, is that with these computer-like smart phones, come viruses and glitches and crashes and all the annoying technological issues that come with a computer with internet access.

My Blackberry has failed me. It flashes funny, coloured lights when it’s not supposed to, it won’t allow me to play music or videos, it loads slower than my pet tortoise runs from my dogs and sometimes it won’t open messages – although that might be a sign because it’s always the messages from a “man” who can’t make up his mind about what he wants from me…but that’s besides the point.

What was I saying? Oh yes, distraught. I feel lost and distraught. Not because I’m waiting for a call/message (I’m not). I’ve realised that I use my phone less for communication and more for the types of things that I can do with other gadgets. No, not porno kinds of gadgets. Shame on you!

*My Blackberry is my watch (I don’t wear one).
*It’s my organiser (I’m forgetful to the point that people call me Dory i.e. the fish with short-term memory loss).
*It’s my note pad (I’m a list-maker and quote collector – cringe).
*It’s my Facebook and Twitter gateway (I’m addicted…who isn’t?)
*It’s my password keeper (did I mention I’m forgetful?)
*It’s my instant camera and photo album (ah, the beauty of photography…and perving over old pics of ex men in my life. Relax mom, it’s a joke)
*It’s my boredom-buster (I love Sudoku. It makes me feel like a Japanese kid in Maths class)
…the list goes on.

The Bold is in for repairs at this very moment. My dad sent it in while I was away from home. The crazy thing is, even though I considered my Blackberry to be an extra limb – or at least a permanent attachment to my limb – I had the idiocy not to bother backing up my data on my PC… well, maybe I did. I hope I did. I’m not sure. Did I mention I’m forgetful?